Press response – "Free Fall" CD

"Free Fall – a real discovery" – CD tip, BR-Klassik, 15.01.2014

"Wassily and Nicolai Gerassimez are full-blooded and at all times fascinating musicians. Music on the highest level."

"Unpretentious and completely natural, the two brothers delve deeply into the music." Pizzicato 20.01.2014

"A recording bursting with energy" - NDR Kultur, CD tip, 24.01.2014

"Wassily and Nicolai Gerassimez succeed with technical accomplishment and astute interpretations. Their sound blends together perfectly: Both convince with a very clear and radiant tone."

"Thrilling interplay" CD tip – hr2 Kultur 27.01.2014

"Expressive, with extreme precision, and as equal partners, they master the thrilling interplay of expressive drama and crisp dialogs."

"Advances into the deep" – Wiener Zeitung 28.01.2014

"Brothers Wassily (cello) and Nicolai (piano) Gerassimez lay down an overwhelming interpretation full of authenticity and deepness. The CD is titled "Free Fall", but this is actually a high-altitude flight."

"Top-notch debut" Magazin Ensemble 2/2014

"A Free Fall with a soft touchdown and very down to earth. A real must."
"Full-blooded musicians" Magazin Crescendo 3/2014

"They master this "free fall" with an unreserved joy of playing, youthful freshness, and an unswerving authority that indicates great potential and opens the listener to deeper layers of these wonderful pieces."
"A real earmark and brilliantly recorded" Magazin Audio 4/2014

"Making music in an emotional but sophisticated way – Wassily Gerassimez (cello) and his piano-playing brother Nicolai, awardees of the Deutscher Musikwettbewerb 2012, have mastered this challenge in a seemingly effortless way on their debut CD.


Press quotes 

Exceptional young pianist Nicolai Gerassimez displays his romantic side.
(Hertener Allgemeine)

Gerassimez' exhilarating creativity, his love for detail, and his skill at building exciting worlds of contrasts clearly make him stand out in the group of award-winning up-and-coming musicians. (Hertener Allgemeine)

Gerassimez demonstrates how sensitively and analytically intelligent a performer of today is able to work with music. – Artistic masterstroke (Hertener Allgemeine)

Pianist Nicolai Gerassimez thrills with Beethoven and Chopin
(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

The young pianist moulds Joseph Haydn's Sonata in C major with an immaculate and finely nuanced touch. (OVZ)

With Debussy he created floating accords in which the individual notes completely evaporated into dense clouds of sounds. Sudden sharp and concisely articulated interjections fell from these clouds, which in turn were superseded by the orchestral grandeur of colourfully blossoming gestures of sound. Utterly compelling piano playing! (Nordkurier)

Nicolai Gerassimez loves the emotional but always technically brilliant performance.
(Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger)

Nicolai Gerassimez impressed with his iridescent brilliance, inspired musicality, and technical perfection, creating many a jubilant moment. (Rheinische Post)

"Unique" or "ingenious, sophisticated, witty" were some of the words that the 330 concert-goers in the sold-out St Nikolai Church in Paaren used to appraise the performance by Alexej and Nicolai Gerassimez on Saturday in their passionate requests for encores. (Märkische Allgemeine)

In always sensitive, sometimes soft, sometimes expressive intonations, the musicians demonstrated how the much-heralded rhythm of modernism is able to form an equal and fantastic symbiosis with the accustomed classic harmonics and tonality. (Rheinische Post)

Simply, without affectation, and in an incredibly aesthetic way the hands darted across the keyboard, eliciting spellbinding sounds with their tantalising dynamics, high precision, and culture of touch. Displaying extreme sensitivity, he shone in the intimately wafting sounds of the andante, always magnificently embedded in the layers of sound of the orchestra's colourfully shining music. (OVZ)

As Wassily and Nicolai Gerassimez demonstrated, virtuosity is not everything. The artists succeeded in perfectly coordinating their interaction. Together they went through intensely dramatic outbursts of emotion and peaceful, contemplative passages. (OVZ)