Concert in Mainz

Nicolai Gerassimez has given a concert in Mainz with his brother Alexej Gerassimez. The Allgemeine Zeitung (Rhein Mainz Presse) writes: "It is evident from the very beginning: There is more than just the music which connects the two. It is the heartfelt harmony, an intuitive cooperation, the blind understanding [...] when listening to their music with closed eyes. [...] Their musical repertoire is nearly inexhaustible [...]. Like performance artists, they hijack the whole stage and like his brother, Nicolai Gerassimez has already left the keyboard of his piano and reaches to its interior, plucking the strings and finally using singing bowls to produce euphonious and then disharmonius sounds. [...] Nicolai shows his whole skillfulness in Alberto Ginastera's three Argentinian dances: In his play, you can feel the Gauchos in the prairie, hear the dramatic, wild sound of the animals followed by the charming-melancholic dance of the country girls."

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