Concert in Mainz

Nicolai Gerassimez has given a concert in Mainz with his brother Alexej Gerassimez. The Allgemeine Zeitung (Rhein Mainz Presse) writes: "It is evident from the very beginning: There is more than just the music which connects the two. It is the heartfelt harmony, an intuitive cooperation, the blind understanding [...] when listening to their music with closed eyes. [...] Their musical repertoire is nearly inexhaustible [...].

New review

Nicolai Gerassimez has given a very successful concert in Lörrach with Christina Brabetz (violin). The Weiler Zeitung writes: "An appreciative murmur is audible when the duo rises to top form in Ravel's famous 'Tzigane'. [...] In this piece, the violinist's skillfulness often pushes the piano into the background. But here, Gerassimez earns the position of an spirited antithesis. The dynamic interaction offers as much pleasure as the opening solo [...]."

Quintet-Concerts in April

In April, Nicolai will give several concerts with his piano quintet: Martin Funda (1st prize ARD Music Competition 2012), Byol Kang (1st prize German Music Competition 2009), Luke Turrell , his brother Wassily and Nicolai himself will perform works by Shostakovich and Brahms in Sinsheim, Korbach, Rostock and at Konzerthaus Berlin.

Further information here.

Debut album

In January 2014, the debut cd of Nicolai and Wassily Gerassimez will be released by the label Genuin. The album will contain works for cello and piano by Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Fazil Say and a piece by Wassily Gerassimez. More details you can read here. Please see also the booklet attached to this post.